Populonia and The Gulf of Baratti

The Gulf of Baratti, the Caribbean in Tuscany

Have you ever been in a Caribbean paradise without getting on a plane? Strange, you think, but not impossible! The Gulf of Baratti is a small glimpse of nature (almost) pristine that creeps between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ligurian Sea, a short walk from Piombino on the Tuscan coast that stretch from Livorno continue towards Grosseto. A goal at hand (and pockets!) For anyone visiting Tuscany and wants to appreciate a corner of the world where nature, history and art come together creating a timeless place.

Populonia ancient Etruscan city

The stretch of the Tuscan coast we are talking about was the site of one of the most important settlements of the Etruscan civilization ever existed; on a promontory overlooking the Gulf stands, in fact, Populonia, an ancient Etruscan town of considerable importance, where we can still see some remains of what was once the shining civilization of Etruria.
The current Gulf of Baratti constituted, a time, one of the most important Etruscan ports of the Tuscan coast, a populous and active place for the exchange of goods and, not least, ironworking. This second activity is part of the richness and uniqueness of this place … Why, you ask you, it was iron, not gold! Well, take a trip on the sandy beaches of Baratti and recline to enjoy some sun and tranquility, you will understand immediately what I’m talking about! Even today, in fact, the color of the sand presents a peculiar characteristic black-silver shining in the rays of the sun. Are the remnants of ancient ferrous iron working, sometimes they can be found even whole chunks digging here and there.

TheĀ  port

Today Baratti is a small marina, which contributes as a whole to create the sort of timeless atmosphere that envelops the entire Gulf. At one time, however, the port activity was much more important and profitable and the size of the port very different, but most different was its location: in time, in fact, the sea has eroded much of the gulf, bringing more and more beach (a phenomenon that unfortunately still occurs); it is assumed, in fact, that the ancient port is now about fifty meters from the shore, submerged by the waters of the Gulf myths and eroded by the inexorable passage of time.

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